Every Friday at 2:00 pm PST

(On pause for the summer)

Cyber Cypher Club

Open-format, loosely facilitated. Drop-in/out any time. No RSVP required.

Classic freestyle cypher for flowists all skill levels. 

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Every Monday at 5:30 pm PST

Flowing With Unknowingness @ The Stoa (

60min facilitated experience, followed by a 30min open group flow. Must RSVP.

Practice freestyle as a psychotechnology for exploring the knife's edge of what's happening now.

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Freestyle Campfire is a space to gather, practice creative self-expression, do some musical sensemaking and build communitas.  Together, we are making a practice of freestyle rap (rhythm and poetry) and spoken word as a psychotechnology for deepening our relationship with uncertainty and developing sovereignty.

Join us around the campfire! This is a warm and approachable space for all willing to be at the edge of their truth to experience self-acceptance through self-expression.

To bring this Campfire to your retreat, festival or team-building experience, email Tyson at

The Freestyle Campfire is a gift. If it brings you joy to fuel this fire with a financial gift, you can do so here for an ongoing gift or here for a one-time gift.

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